Details of our suits below –

Heads –

  • All heads are custom carved by us so each head is completely unique to you
  • Foam base super lightweight and cuddly
  • Fully lined inside including the neck area
  • 2D flat or 3D following eyes
  • All suits have removable tongues
  • Noses are pickable if possible
  • Drybrushing detail for finishing touches
  • Teeth are included

Hands –

  • Paws are 4 finger style made from our own pattern
  • Unlined, supplied with thin glove liners to wear underneath
  • Cuffed for tidy edges
  • Filled with stuffed pillows to give the puffy shape (removable for washing)
  • Hooves are 3 fingers made from our own pattern
  • 5 finger non puffy/no pads available
  • 4 finger paws come with appliquéd pawpads
  • All paws come with claws as standard



  • Foam sculpted or stuffed using our own pattern
  • Fully lined
  • Cuffed
  • Claws included
  • Rubber sole or fabric for indoor style
  • Indoor style includes appliquéd pawpads
  • Digitigrade paws will be zipper attached to your bodysuit for a clean finish


  • Double stitched seams
  • Lined hidden zipper on the front, back or side
  • Cuffed neck
  • Removable thigh padding (digi suits only)
  • Attached lower leg and butt padding (if required/ digi suits only)
  • Zip on tail
  • Zip on feetpaws (Digi suits)


  • If commissioned with a bodysuit, tail will be attached by a zipper
  • Extra large tails will have a zipper on the bottom to remove the stuffing
  • Strong nylon straps at the base

Arm and leg sleeves

  • Arm sleeves feature elastic that goes under a shirt across the back and front of the wearer
  • Cuffed at top
  • Leg sleeves are attached to lycra cycling shorts


If you would like any different features feel free to ask. Currently we do not offer 5 finger stuffed paws, only 4 fingers.