By confirming to commissioning a suit from Go Fur It Studios you are agreeing to the following conditions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.



Your fursuit has a warranty of 3 months so if anything breaks, comes undone, doesn't fit right, or is faulty in any way please let us know, we will fix it free of charge! Because fursuits are handmade pieces of art sometimes adjustments to the fit are needed, this is totally normal so please contact us with any problems as soon as possible! We however reserve the right to refuse to fix your suit if it has been clearly abused, has general wear and tear, or, are received in an unwashed or unclean condition. After this time we will fix any issues for a fee.


Please be aware we have a dog on the workshop site, if you have allergies please let us know beforehand, while the dog is not allowed on the products or materials we will try our best to ensure no dog hair comes into contact with your suit. If you are highly allergic do not commission us.


Payment of 30% of your quoted cost must be made upfront to guarantee your slot. This deposit is non-refundable and this goes towards your materials and to cover our time during the application process. If your commission is chosen you will have 24 hours to pay the deposit for your slot, if we do not hear from you, your slot will be passed to the next client.

All payments must be received before work begins. You can either pay in full up front or pay the deposit and the remaining balance before your slot. You will be contacted roughly a month before your slot with an invoice of the final payment.

Ordering details & Contact

Your must be at least 18 years of age to commission us. We may require an ID before taking on your commission. Photos containing your ID will not be stored and are only used to confirm your age.

When you fill in a form we will require an email address to contact you. By providing your email address on the form you are consenting to being contacted by Go Fur It Studios in regards to your commission. Your email address will not be passed on to any third party companies or subscribed to a mailing list.

When filling out your quote or commission form to confirm you have read the T&C and are agreeing to them you will need a commission code -

This code is – Cloud
If you fail to fill in the code option, your form will be declined.

Refund policy

After your fursuit has been completed we do not offer refunds. If you require a refund during the building progress you will be refunded what is left from the material cost and labour cost. If you request a refund before work has begun you will be refunded everything but the non refundable deposit.

Measurements & DTD

Please make sure you have built your DTD (duct tape dummy) correctly, traced your hand and feet as required, and measured your head correctly. Go fur it is not responsible for an ill fitting costume because of wrong measurements. If we suspect something is off we will ask for you to redo the measurements and remake your dummy. Do it right the first time to save delays, if your dummy is incorrect your suit will be put back in the queue to avoid delaying other clients while waiting for a new dummy.


We highly recommend you follow our Telegram channel for daily updates on your build, updates that need confirmation like foam carving and markings will be emailed to you, along with completed photos of each piece.

Telegram channel here -

Important! Please let us know as soon as possible if you notice any errors as they can be extremely difficult to fix later down the line. Example - If the expression isn't quite right let us know in the foam stage as you will be charged extra if you require a change.
Please respond in a timely manner if there is any problems, if we hear nothing from you we will continue work.

Payment & Deadlines

All payments are through paypal or bank transfer, payment must be received in full before any work is to be started on your fursuit. Payment is only in GBP.

Go fur it studios does not work to any deadlines. Estimated time frames can be requested but this is not a deadline.


Shipping for your suit will be calculated after the build. Shipping depends on the weight of the product and insurance. All parcels are insured and tracked to avoid loses, we will not ship without these options. We can give an estimate on shipping cost beforehand but do keep in mind this is just a rough estimate and not a final cost.

If you are ordering from outside the UK please be aware you may have to pay import tax on the suit when it arrives in your country, this is the responsibility of the client to pay and not the seller, we have no control over your countries import costs.

Pick up from conventions or events is an option if we are attending. Pick up from the workshop can be discussed but not guaranteed.


Go Fur It Studios is not liable for any injury or illness that may happen whilst wearing our fursuits. When wearing a costume your vision maybe somewhat impaired along with restricted movement and overheating. Make sure you have an assistant to help guide you especially if you are out in public, take breaks, and drink plenty of water to avoid any mishaps.

We reserve the right to share photos of the completed product to advertise our work through social media.

Thank you