Please read through our FAQ and T&C if you have a question that is not covered on either of these pages please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

What methods of payment do you take?

We take both bank transfer and paypal currently. If you chose bank transfer you will recieve a small discount on your commission as it is our prefered method of payment.

Is the fur on the costumes real?

Nope! All the fur on our suits is faux fur meaning it is fake and actually made from plastic fibers!

Do you have any animals on the premise? 

Yes, one dog. If you have a pet allergy please be aware that we cannot guarantee no contact with the dog on site.

Can you make a suit of a copyrighted character?

No, characters must be owned by yourself. Sorry!

Can you make a suit in the same style as another maker?

No, if you like a particular makers style, commission them.

How old do I have to be to buy a suit?

Minors can not legally enter a contract to pay for their commission therefore we do not accept commissions from anyone under 18.

Can you match any colour of my reference sheet?

Unfortunately furs don't come in all the colours we wish were available! However, we will work with you to try find a close match. Sometimes furs have custom runs and we can try to get some fur off a custom run for you, however due to the additional cost of doing so your commission price will be significantly increased to match the cost of material. Custom runs take time to be made so please be aware this will slow down your suit progress.

Is shipping included?

Shipping for your suit will be calculated after completion, if you are ordering outside the UK please be aware of your countries customs tax as this can add an additional cost when entering your country. All parcels are shipped insured and tracked.

I wear glasses can I wear a head with them? 

Yes! Let us know beforehand so we can fit the glasses into the head. Please be aware your glasses may fog up whilst in suit so take breaks often.

Do you do airbrush work?

Not at this time, we offer small dry brushed details but all markings are sewn for a long lasting suit.

Do I need a reference sheet to commission you?

Ideally yes, a clear reference sheet showing markings and details can help avoid any problems during the building process. If you have a simple character (full white wolf, blue eyes) then no reference sheet is required. Reference sheets must be digitally flat coloured so we can match fur colours more accurately.

Can I have a moving jaw or LEDs added to my suit?

Sorry but we do not offer moving jaws or LEDs.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes, we do payment plans, info for payment plans is found in our terms and conditions.

Do you offer NSFW fursuits?

Yes, we are happy to add zippers and adult modifications to your suit. Please mention what you would like when you apply for a commission slot.